We’re Lindsey and Aria

Mamas, Wives, Best Friends and Priestesses in service to Source

Together we founded Aetheria to help visionary leaders step out of the Matrix and create success on their own terms for the highest good of humanity.

We laughed and cried together, left the event and reconnected a few months later when Aria was trying to conceive with her husband again.

Neither of us knew anyone at the live event. We both felt a calling to be there but we weren’t sure why.

Aria scanned the room, ran up to Lindsey with her morning coffee and eagerly invited her to come sit with her.

Lindsey had recently gone through a traumatic divorce and been a single mother and was about to get married to her current husband Zeke, our favorite Viking.

Aria had just grieved the sudden passing of her stepfather alongside of an expected pregnancy and miscarriage.

We collided into each other on March 30, 2019 at a coaching conference in Pismo Beach, California, just 20 minutes from where Lindsey currently lives.

How it Began

How it Grew

Since then, we’ve soaked in the hot tub for easily the equivalent of a few years while journeying through at least half a dozen self-development programs together including…

And several other small courses Program 

An intimate group coaching program 

A Money Mastermind

A Love, Sex and Relationship Coach program with a specialty in tantric sex, relationship transformation and women’s sexuality

Practitioner, Master Practitioner Certification, and Trainer’s Training of the modalities we certify in 

Most of the programs we invested in didn’t really hit the spot.


There were always learnings… but it lacked intimacy, depth and the true healing + activations we needed.

No one can take you where they haven’t taken themselves. 

And though many of our mentors had created wealth and superficial success, they hadn’t taken themselves emotionally and spiritually to the depths we wanted to go.

So we took each other there and the layers of sister wounding, scarcity, alpha feminine armor, control and fears just started to fall away easily.

We found ourselves guiding each other more than we were being guided by the leader of the container because we weren’t fully getting what we needed inside.

And all of the things that had been holding us both back from our next levels separately became clear and we integrated them together.

Our marriages deepened, our sex lives got pretty fucking epic and we both felt seen and heard in ways we never had before.

We realized that the key wasn’t the hierarchy of client/coach or student/teacher… 

The potency was actually in sisterhood, co-creating side-by-side from deep vulnerability and intimacy.

Everything fell apart.

We merged a portion of our businesses, led our first live 8 day immersion together which was delicious and so fulfilling and then…

After hundreds of hours on the phone brainstorming and daydreaming, we decided to not just talk about what we wished were different but create the solution together instead.

The month of Aria’s first 50K banked sales month in business, her and her family arrived at Lindsey’s house after a massive road trip cross country and it hit us both between the eyes:

Our Merger

When we emerged, our friendship was rock solid, our vision clear, our business model reborn and our creativity skyrocketing.

3 different financial institutions withheld all of our incoming funds for months so we couldn’t access any of our revenue.

We temporarily paused the contracts of all of the amazing women on our team.

And we went into the Great Hibernation of 2021… Aka we got c*ckblocked into a death portal.

Even when we really wanted to blame each other, we chose surrender over and over again, fully devoted to integration no matter if it meant we separated.

Aetheria was born.

Each time, we devoted ourselves to transforming the experiences into opportunities and we learned that each moment can be a gift that opens us to more.

In a short 3 year period, we have walked through more valleys of death and grief together than most people traverse over an entire lifetime.

Our Purpose & Now

Priestess Initiations & Spiritual Gift Development

Tantra, Unity and Magnetism

Balanced polarity & Feminine Surrender

Embodiment and Archetypes

Relationship Transformation

Subconscious Reprogramming

We teach the things that most people don’t even realize they need: 

We are the women the 
patriarchy warned you about.

Our primary desire is that each individual reconnects to their unique blueprint of magic and both remember and master their ancient gifts to create a life of fulfillment, sovereignty and liberation.

We also debunk a lot of outdated methods, strategies and universal laws that are either manipulated matrix programs or just don’t work anymore.



Fun facts

Lindsey studied anthropology and organizational behavior in college and Aria studied 4 different languages (nerds much?). They plan on going back to get their graduate degrees together in quantum medicine.

Aria and her family lived with Lindsey and her family for 2 months in 2021, mostly by accident. It gave us the opportunity to understand our separate values and learn how to love and support each other best. We are confident that we can navigate anything together.

We’ve had many past lives together, including several in Italy, and one as Greek acolytes. Our goddess logo was inspired from those memories.

Lindsey is from Northern California, worked in corporate, law, real estate, sales and business, and was a credentialed teacher. When she became a mama, she let all of that go for a season and spent over seven years at home in devotion to her three young children. She now lives on the Central Coast.

Aria has traveled to 3 dozen countries with her partner and has been in the world of humanitarian start-up’s and entrepreneurship since 2014. Her and her family are preserving 46 acres of land in the Appalachia to build a holographic society. 


What our clients are saying about our work together 

I've doubled my monthly income twice & opened to my dream partnership. My body has never been so energized and so full of pleasure.

Our work together has facilitated me being able to dive all the way down into my soul, pull out my identity as the person who creates the life she wants to lives, and do exactly that. I’ve hosted my first retreats, coaching courses and I’m moving out of full time employment. I’m confident, self-trusting, full of presence and love for myself, and I’m living exactly how I want to live. I feel like all of me, all the time.

 — Sarah, Sacred Journeys & Consciousness Coaching

I have been blown away by the depth of these teachings. Aetheria is a school for the next visionary leaders of the world. 

 — Lilly, Empowerment Coach & Kambo Practitioner 

Working with Aria & Lindsey has completely changed my life in ways I never knew were available to me. I've cultivated the sisterhood I have always longed for. I've closed multiple chapters of my life and relationships with love, acceptance and gratitude for what was coming next. I wake up feeling happy with myself for the first time in years because I am honoring myself in business, life and relationships. I understand how to alchemize my heavy emotions and enjoy all the aspects of the human experience.

I unearthed my purpose and my legacy. I know who I am now and embody every aspect of that. 

 — Lauren, Photographer turned Authenticity Coach

I was feeling unfulfilled in my business and I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something bigger inside of me. Since working with Aetheria, I integrated all of the subconscious blocks that were stopping me from fully being alive and present. I've am preparing to launch my new business that feels absolutely incredible. My relationships are so much more meaningful and vulnerable. I've healed old hurts and I've been able to move forward in a way that feels honest and in alignment.

The most transformational part of this experience is knowing that no matter what area of my life needs tending to, I have the AETHERIA community to lean on. 

 — Sophia, Holistic Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher

I recommend AETHERIA's offerings because of the holistic nature of their teachings. This is not just about "coaching." It's about being brave and having the courage to take chances, believe in new beliefs, and trust the guidance of very wise and experienced women to lead you to up-leveling every part of your life!

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