You’re so close to finally experiencing a wildly successful business. One where you get to…

We know you’re a coach with powerful skills just waiting to be uncovered.

Plus... have the tools to facilitate your own healing & empowerment along the way.

Fully embody the identity of an abundant, visionary leader in your industry

Confidently facilitate quantum-leap results for everyone who hires you

Easily magnetize soulmate clients and aligned opportunities

and build the profitable, impactful business you’ve been wishing for.

It’s time to unleash your epic brilliance

But if you’re anything like so many of the coaches, teachers, healers, and entrepreneurs we serve - right now you might be stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and uncertainty -

wondering why...

You’ve done the weekend workshops and 3-month trainings, and you likely even have other certifications under your belt. But no matter how hard you try, you’re still not feeling confident in your ability to lead your clients, and your income is way too low for all the work you’re putting in.

All the certifications and programs you’ve joined haven’t helped you build the practice you want.

If you’re being honest with yourself, the people you work with are only getting so-so results, and you can’t understand why. It feels like you’re pushing or pulling to try and help them, the process is exhausting, and the end result is underwhelming.

Your clients aren’t experiencing huge transformations.

You get messages from people on social and replies to your emails saying how much people love what you’re about. But you can’t figure out how to shift them from “you’re so inspiring!” to “How can I work with you?” 

People keep saying how inspiring you are, but they don’t say yes to your offers.

The people you’re attracting aren’t committed to doing the work, constantly push boundaries, and just aren’t the soulmate clients you envisioned yourself working with. Where are all the dreamy clients and why can’t you seem to call them in?

You’re saying yes to jobs, projects, and clients who aren’t the best fit - just for the money.

The social media envy is real. You look around at all the other coaches and spiritual service-providers in your industry, and your heart sinks seeing their posts about amazing client results, 5-figure months, and the excitement of making such a big impact. 

You aren’t creating the same wealth and success you see others in your industry enjoying.

magnetize the right clients, make more than enough money doing what you love, and finally feel fulfilled in your work and the incredible results you’re facilitating for others.

You're beyond ready to

the key is to fully embody and experience magical transformation in your own life first.

That alignment is the secret to claiming true mastery.

But if you want to become a sought-after, high-earning leader instead of “just another coach” –

Cutting edge training for healers, coaches, and spiritual entrepreneurs ready to master their craft, facilitate miracle-style results, and confidently sell out their premium coaching and services.


Without subconscious change, humans will eventually "fall off the wagon" when they get tired or run out of willpower. 
With subconscious change, they will simply become the person who easily executes. 
These tools are perfect for therapists, personal trainers, teachers, nutritionists, coaches, yogis, energy healers and more! Clients will hire you to support them in installing the new habits, beliefs, identity and mindset that support their success... which is so much more fun and empowering for you AND your clients!

Sustainable change happens when we facilitate changes on the subconscious level by shifting and reprogramming the automatic beliefs and perceptions that filter our reality.

Most coaches and therapists only facilitate change on the conscious level of the mind... which is only responsible for creating 1-5% of our reality.

Our work together has facilitated me being able to dive all the way down into my soul, pull out my identity as the person who creates the life she wants to lives, and do exactly that. I’ve hosted my first retreats, coaching courses and I’m moving out of full time employment. I’m confident, self-trusting, full of presence and love for myself, and I’m living exactly how I want to live. I feel like all of me, all the time.

 — Sarah, Sacred Journeys & Consciousness Coaching

I've doubled my monthly income twice & opened to my dream partnership. My body has never been so energized and so full of pleasure.

Working with Aria & Lindsey has completely changed my life in ways I never knew were available to me. I've cultivated the sisterhood I have always longed for. I've closed multiple chapters of my life and relationships with love, acceptance and gratitude for what was coming next. I wake up feeling happy with myself for the first time in years because I am honoring myself in business, life and relationships. I understand how to alchemize my heavy emotions and enjoy all the aspects of the human experience.

 — Lilly, Empowerment Coach & Kambo Practitioner 

I have been blown away by the depth of these teachings. Aetheria is a school for the next visionary leaders of the world. 

Step into your fullest potential and attract speaking invitations, collaborations, and other incredible opportunities to move your business forward quickly

Magnetize aligned clients, hear from people daily whose lives you’ve changed, and make money more than enough money doing work that feeds your soul

Transform past pain and experience into mastery of your craft so you can create epic results, command high-level prices, and deliver on all levels — without compromising on self-care or bending boundaries

Embrace all parts of yourself so that you can confidently show up in your truth, express yourself with authenticity, and share your work with authority

The AETHERIA Coach Certification is your gateway to exponential growth that allows you to...

Experience transformation in all areas of your life — not just your business — including deeper, more fulfilling relationships, a delicious sex life, and exciting adventures, travel, and play

Live the life you envisioned when you started your business . . . crossing continents, climbing mountains, living in your dream home, or buying whatever you want without guilt or fear, knowing that you have an infinite ability to create more abundance

Become your own greatest inspiration, release the need to compete, and feel excited about supporting and celebrating the success of others 

All of this (and so much more) is within your reach - waiting for you to claim it.

3: Certification and Community

Once you’ve done the work to know how to recode yourself and learned how to help others do the same . . . you’ll receive your certification and have ongoing community support and opportunities to receive coaching, reprogramming sessions, and other experiences as part of the Aetheria Family.

The best way to get better at a new skill is to practice and give and receive feedback. The best way to jump start your new life with these tools is to feel the support of an aligned community and teachers who are in integrity with what they teach.

You’ll become an embodied and empowered member of a growing movement of truly conscious visionaries in the industry who lead with integrity and create what they wish had existed before, and you will always belong.

2: Live Technique Mastery Calls + Coaching

Building upon your personal work and pre-study, you’ll practice tools and techniques with other members of the community (both receiving and facilitating) as well as receive coaching on how to use these tools in your practice. 3-4 of these calls occur each month, so you will have plenty of opportunities to attend.

Benefits for you:
Through this work, you’ll recode your subconscious, and you’ll facilitate recoding for your peers. By experiencing and applying these modalities for yourself, you will be able to fully embody your skills as a coach and healer . . . so you can show up with authenticity, confidence, and integrity and attract the people you’re meant to serve.

The Aetheria Training will give you the ability to create massive change for your clients and for yourself. 

No matter what kind of work you do, you’ll have the knowledge, experience, and tools you need to create more well-rounded offers, meet your clients on a deeper level, and help people do the subconscious recoding necessary to achieve quantum breakthroughs.

1: Self-Paced Learning + Personal Development

An easy-to-navigate online portal with video modules so you will know the tools and techniques inside and out. You will also receive resources to start your own self-coaching/ self-healing immediately, as your own growth is an intrinsic part of your practice and client work.

In this phase, you’ll learn about different modalities for personal development including:

• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping)
• Hypnosis
• Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
• T.I.M.E. Techniques
• Life & Success Coaching

Your training and certification are broken down into 3 PIllars:

… so you can attract aligned clients and opportunities, get epic results for others and yourself, and become a high-earning, sought-after expert in your field.

This process is designed to help you master your craft and show up from a place of true confidence, authority, and authenticity . . .

Embodiment, Success and Life Coaching

T.I.M.E. Techniques™

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “Tapping”)

Once you become a Certified AETHERIA Coach, 
you’ll hold internationally-recognized certifications in 5 transformational healing modalities:

Hypnosis is a powerful technique that allows you to connect with the subconscious mind. You’ll learn how to help others achieve life-changing results, such as weight loss, quitting smoking, rewiring other habits, and instilling new ways of thinking — sometimes in as little as a single session.



EFT is a method for restoring balance to your body’s energy systems through the power of tapping. EFT focuses on energy points on the body, similar to acupuncture but in a much more accessible way. You’ll learn how to use this quick tool to relieve the effects of stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions in yourself and others. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “Tapping”)


NLP is used to increase confidence and self-love, release negative habits and thought patterns, increase motivation, and much more. You’ll learn how to delve into the subconscious mind using NLP techniques to create positive change and greater success in the lives of others and in your own.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)


You’ll gain the tools and techniques you need to become an effective coach that gets transformative results for your clients . . . allowing you to do fulfilling work that really matters, while also creating a life for yourself that you love.

Embodiment Coaching


T.I.M.E. Techniques™ is a set of powerful NLP techniques used to eliminate negative emotions, beliefs, and phobias that hold you back. You’ll learn how to identify and heal past traumas, as well as create new desirable goals for the future, so you can live a more empowered life and help others do the same.

T.I.M.E. Techniques™


. . . allowing you to do fulfilling work that really matters, while also creating a life for yourself that you love.

You’ll gain the tools and techniques you need to become an effective and embodied leader and facilitator who gets transformative results for your clients...

With these revolutionary tools available to you, you’ll be easily guiding your clients to incredible shifts, life-changing transformations, and quantum-leap results.

I was feeling unfulfilled in my business and I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something bigger inside of me. Since working with AETHERIA, I integrated all of the subconscious blocks that were stopping me from fully being alive and present. I've am preparing to launch my new business that feels absolutely incredible. My relationships are so much more meaningful and vulnerable. I've healed old hurts and I've been able to move forward in a way that feels honest and in alignment.

 — Lauren, Photographer turned Authenticity Coach

I unearthed my purpose and my legacy. I know who I am now and embody every aspect of that. 

The most transformational part of this experience is knowing that no matter what area of my life needs tending to, I have the AETHERIA community to lean on. 

I have begun booking clients regularly, have tapped into my own wisdom and have felt empowered to make new choices and decisions that I otherwise would not have made or would have felt off-limits. I have much more confidence in my content and feel that I can show up as a better coach after receiving this support. I feel like a much more integrated version of myself. 

I recommend AETHERIA's offerings because of the holistic nature of their teachings. This is not just about "coaching." It's about being brave and having the courage to take chances, believe in new beliefs, and trust the guidance of very wise and experienced women to lead you to up-leveling every part of your life!

 — Sophia, Holistic Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher

(and get paid like one, too!)

Get ready to become a go-to leader in your industry

This is the space for targeted learning and practicum. You'll both receive a shift for yourself and facilitate one shift for someone else on each call so you can practice and embody your skills. Each call will focus on one technique and it will be re-taught and demo'ed before you practice. You can drop in to these again and again to continue mastering the tools and to receive feedback and support on your craft.

Technique Mastery Calls

The Vault contains pre-recorded modules on every technique in the training.
You can go through these resources again and again so you can continue to absorb and embody everything you learn.

In combination with the printed manual you'll receive in the mail, you will have all the tools you need to start practicing these tools with your clients in just a few weeks!

The Practitioner Vault

When you say yes to being a certified Aetheria Coach you receive:

This certification is designed to fit into YOUR life, not the other way around. So if you still have a full time job or even young kids, this program will meet you right where you are in the time you have for your own personal development. You get to decide the pace that you certify. Either way, your support will begin immediately. Upon completing the graduation requirements, you will be an Aetheria practitioner and coach in multiple modalities!

Learning & Certification process

If you have questions along the way, want to practice with other students or even want to move through a blind-spot yourself, this community will be the space to network, trade with other students and create beautiful friendships.

Private Community

Certification in each of these areas will give you the ability to create massive change for your clients and for yourself. 

No matter what kind of work you do, you’ll have the knowledge, experience, and tools you need to create more well-rounded offers, meet your clients on a deeper level, and help people do the subconscious recoding necessary to achieve quantum breakthroughs.

This certification is designed to help you master your craft and show up from a place of true confidence, authority, and authenticity . . .

… so you can attract aligned clients and opportunities, get epic results for others and yourself, and become a high-earning, sought-after expert in your field.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves! We are Aria and Lindsey, trainers and stewards of this community.

So we took the next steps and kept going with our training, only knowing that it felt so good to have things fall into place with our personal lives, our client sessions, our businesses, and our friendship! Once we find something we are excited about we go all in! 

The next thing we knew, we were trainers of five very powerful modalities and had started blending and creating our own tools and methods to better serve ourselves and others.

We saw what was needed in the industry and the world and we knew we had to create the program that we wished had existed. 

So with lots of love, we channeled and birthed AETHERIA for the women who want to make real change and be a part of something bigger than themselves..

This is an era of breaking cycles and creating a new reality that will change the future.

Team AETHERIA is excited to support you. Welcome to the family.

We both have had our share of life experience, trauma, disappointment, and wanting to do more but feeling like we were “stuck.” We met years ago in a coaching certification and were feeling so frustrated by the coaching industry. The work we were doing with our clients was impactful– we knew we were doing what we were put here to do, but the way we were running our coaching practices wasn’t good enough for us.

We wanted tools and techniques we could rely on. We wanted powerful, permanent results. We wanted to trust ourselves completely to facilitate as best as we could in each session. We wanted community.

Then we found subconscious integration and dug in. It was the missing piece!

We began to heal ourselves and we also saw that our businesses were aligned and flowing for us. Clients were getting a taste of the kind of change we were creating and they were wanting more of what we had. 

Become an AETHERIA Coach and create quantum-leap results for yourself and your clients!

You’ll receive instant access upon purchase to the modules, trainings and tools so you can dive in immediately! 



Coaching Certification

Your Investment

(save $788)


Coaching Certification




  • Want to be a part of creating a new level of alignment and integrity in the coaching industry and change your life in the process.
  • Have been in business for a while now . . . but you’re still struggling with confidence and consistent growth and need to go deeper into your own healing to get transformative results for your clients
  • Are happy to invest in yourself, knowing that the time, energy, and finances you put in will lead to rapid growth and expansion.
  • Are open and ready for the abundance of possibilities and opportunities that come to you when you recode your subconscious and master tools that help others do the same . . . and you’re excited to both do the work and experience the rewards for your life and business.
  • Like self-paced programs

  • Looking for a “magic fix” for your struggles, and you don’t have the time, energy, or willingness to do the work necessary over the course of the program (and beyond) to make quantum leaps in your life and business. 
  • The kind of person who regularly starts courses and programs but never fully shows up, participates, or implements what you learn.
  • Not interested in mastering NLP, EFT, hypnosis, and other modalities for achieving transformative results for yourself and for your clients.
Not at all — this program was designed for anyone who wants science-backed tools and techniques to use with others to get transformative results and be the very best at what they do.
The live calls you’ll have access to are the Technique Mastery calls, in which you will facilitate for peers and receive facilitation from them as well. If you desire regular coaching and live support, you can join our Aquarian Age Business Codes which includes the certification as well coaching, group reprogramming, business training and more! All the details at 
For as long as the program exists on the internet! 

The Aetheria Coach Certification is designed to be comprehensive, leading you through 

self-healing and coaching,
live training and certifications, and
Providing an empowering community.

This unique combination means you’ll fully experience practicing the work and receiving coaching yourself before you go out into the world with your own offers — allowing you to show up with authenticity and confidence. 

The benefits also extend far beyond your business, allowing you to meet the people in your life - your partner, children, friends, and colleagues - on a deeper, more connected level. 

In addition, unlike many other certifications, this program is not just self-guided. You’ll have experienced guides and a nurturing community of likeminded people on a similar path supporting you the entire way.

You’ll also get access to additional coaching and program opportunities before anyone else knows about them.

Email us at for any questions or to schedule a call with our team to explore whether this program is a good fit for you!