You’ve been called to this planet as a powerful medicine woman to lead the Earth into a higher vibration, level of sustainability and consciousness.

You’ve worked hard to grow your business, followed the success strategies you’ve been taught, and created a life that looks incredible on paper.

But even though you’ve climbed the ladder, built the business, and got to where you thought you wanted to be…

Lean in, sister. We have an important message to share with you…

You want even more spaciousness in your business so you can spend even time with your people, take off on spontaneous adventures, and experience a rich life.

You want a business that's wildly profitable and also runs without you so you have the funds to live freely, bless the people and causes you love, and build clean wealth for the good of all.

And you want to feel supported, excited, and fully alive throughout the process of bringing your boldest vision into reality.

You know you’re meant for even more. You’re ready to build a legacy.

Strategy becomes secondary.

And creating a wildly successful business and incredible life that changes the world becomes the only inevitable outcome.

And a way that also honors the downloads that come through at each moment because the world is in such flux and expansion.

We need more leaders stepping into their true, raw, unfiltered essence and trusting themselves more fully so they can lead others to that place of power, too.

The truth is - once you've tapped into your own inner authority and truly serving and co-creating with your community by deeply listening to their needs and desires...

We’ve noticed that there’s been a loss of integrity in the coaching industry as everyone becomes more and more consumed with money and outcomes. 

So many spiritual coaches, healers, or service-providers are craving a different way of building businesses and creating epic lives.

A way that isn’t designed around masculine energy and hustle mentality. That isn’t completely focused on external results - at the expense of your feminine power and deep-level healing.

You’re answering the call to be part of a radical shift that ripples through the world. 

It’s time to exit the Matrix and activate your Business Ascension and next level spiritual awakening.

We’re here to help you realize it.

To release the conditioning that’s kept you looping in the matrix and never fully tasting liberation.

To unlearn the masculine strategies and hustle-focused habits that have led to external results at the expense of true alignment and integrity.

It’s time to take the mute button off of your life so you can experience true pleasure and purpose.

You have the power to build your own model for success and the inner wisdom to create all of the joy, freedom, wealth, and connection you desire.

We’re here to help you realize it.

It’s time to answer the call…


Aquarian Age Business Codes for Entrepreneurs


For the visionary woman who is ready to become self-funded, self-sourced and truly sovereign.

You’ll be guided to activate your own genius into the business you feel called to create - instead of forcing yourself into someone else’s blueprint for success.

You’ll be enveloped in a sisterhood that supports your whole being and full expression, both shadow and light - instead of pressuring you to hide parts of yourself to fit some false ideal.

And you’ll be given everything you need to experience and facilitate epic transformations in your own life and with your clients - instead of a simple overview that doesn’t lead to mastery of your skills.

But this is not your typical business training…
And it’s unlike any certification or program you’ve ever completed.

This Program is your gateway to fully embodied business expansion and exponential personal growth.

And tap into a new level of complete clarity around what you truly want, pleasure in the process of attaining it, and possibility for receiving way more than “enough” 

Make big jumps in revenue AND profit without working longer hours, stressing about money, or sacrificing support in your business and life

Cultivate confidence to show up online, be seen as a leader, and feel deserving to receive the wealth you desire in all areas of your life

Tune into your intuition to make courageous decisions without waiting for permission or questioning your ability to know what’s “right” for you

Magnetize clients and opportunities by turning up the dial on being YOU, sharing your truth, and living your fullest expression

Inside this Aquarian Age Mystery School, you’ll work through deep self-healing, true skill mastery, and grounded strategies for building a thriving business.

You’ll step into an aligned place of full embodiment and begin to easily and readily:

When you commit to your healing and transformation — you amplify your own results & your ability to empower other women, creating a ripple effect through the entire world.

Allow the consciousness of what’s alive for you to come through in each moment and do business in a grounded way that feels so satisfying for you. 

Guide your clients to epic results that fuel the ripple effect of your business growth and legacy of impact.

Fill your DMs with people who can’t wait to hire you, pay in full, and dive into the work and play of transformation.

Show up online in full, confident expression with content that magnetizes a community of fuck-yes clients.

This journey is your gateway to exponential growth that allows you to…

And finally feel the love, belonging, safety, connection, intimacy, and abundance you’re searching for.

Receive limitless amounts of wealth and pleasure while feeling completely aligned and excited about the programs and support you’re delivering.

Show up for your clients in a way that feels juicy and expansive - whether it’s from your home office, the beach, a hot tub, or anyplace else that brings you joy.

Design a schedule that gives you the absolute freedom to take as much time as you want off each month to enjoy time with yourself, be with your kids, or travel and seek adventure as you please.

All of this (and so much more) is within your reach - waiting for you to claim it.

Hypnosis is a powerful technique that allows you to connect with the subconscious mind. You’ll learn how to help others achieve life-changing results, such as weight loss, quitting smoking, rewiring other habits, and instilling new ways of thinking. We use hypnosis to create potent audio resources for our clients between sessions and will teach you how to do so, too!



EFT is a method for restoring balance to your body’s energy systems through the power of tapping. EFT focuses on energy points on the body, similar to acupuncture but in a much more accessible way. You’ll learn how to use this quick tool to relieve the effects of stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions in yourself and others.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “Tapping”)


As you learn to embrace your truth, fulfill your desires, and create your own pleasure-based model for success - You’ll also have the option to become certified in these five transformational healing modalities:

NLP is used to increase confidence and self-love, release negative habits and thought patterns, increase motivation, and much more. You’ll learn how to delve into the subconscious mind using NLP techniques to create positive change and greater success in the lives of others and in your own. 

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)


Most coaching doesn’t get to the root of core wounds (the deepest things that are holding us back from what we desire) nor does it help clients get in touch with and embodied in their core desires. Through our embodiment method, you’ll learn how to help your clients (and yourself!) step into the identity and the frequency that effortlessly attracts and magnetizes through holographic templates of wealth, royalty, healing and by activating your spiritual gifts.

Embodiment Coaching


T.I.M.E. Techniques™ are a set of powerful NLP techniques used to eliminate negative emotions, beliefs, and phobias that hold you back. You’ll learn how to identify and heal past traumas, as well as create new desirable goals for the future, so you can live a more empowered life and help others do the same.

T.I.M.E. Techniques™


You’ll gain the tools and techniques you need to become an
effective and embodied leader that gets transformative results for your clients… allowing you to do fulfilling work that really matters, while also creating a life for yourself that lays the foundation for a better Earth for many generations to come.

Private Community

Join a sisterhood of spiritual visionaries and entrepreneurs for sacred space-holding, support and embodiment. We attract the most badass women and you’ll feel so supported in knowing you always have a space to pop in, share and ask a question along with ongoing support from Team Aetheria to hone and master your craft.

Virtual Feminine Embodiment Retreat 

This epic experience is all about opening to your own beauty, power and capacity to receive and magnetize. You’ll receive experiences with pleasure practices, somatic release, breath work, subconscious integration, Kundalini and Bhakti yoga, modern shamanic practices and more! You’ll also build powerful relationships with the women attending with you and open yourself to a new dimension of possibility and wealth in every area of your life. A variety of dates will be offered and you can choose the ones that work best for your schedule.

Coaching & Community

You’ll have access to a variety of group calls during your year in the program so you’re fully supported in every aspect of healing, facilitating, embodiment, and business creation including....

Group Coaching & Reprogramming with Aria and Lindsey to work through the blocks and challenges that arise as you get back in touch with your true essence, build a business, and step into a new level of leadership.

Business Mastermind Calls to receive custom support, feedback and coaching around your business offerings, launch plans, copy, marketing and more! The best part is you’ll be doing it in sisterhood with other women in the program so you can experience your transformation amongst supportive people who understand your journey.

Technique Mastery Calls if you choose to use the tools and techniques you gain access to in our certification where you’ll both receive a shift and facilitate a shift for someone else on each call so you can practice and embody your skill

Holistic Business Support

This is a feminine business program where you’ll unlearn all the business teachings that are actually holding you back and replace them with pleasure-based feminine principles of business that honor your natural rhythms while giving you grounded structure and tools to create a profitable business.

Instead of buying into someone else’s model, we help you learn to trust your inner wisdom and guidance to create your own self-sourced model.

Training includes business foundations, money, branding and niche, social media and marketing, sales, and more.

You’ll have continued access to the course content in the Aquarian Age Business Codes portal even after your 12-months of live support is complete so you can refer back to these tools whenever you need them!

You’ll also have exclusive access to business mastermind calls to workshop your offerings, ask questions and receive custom support.

When you say YES to this Aquarian Age Mystery School for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, you receive:

Option to Certify in 5 Transformational Modalities

No matter what kind of work you do, you’ll have the knowledge, experience, and tools you need to create more well-rounded offers, meet your clients on a deeper level, and help people do the subconscious recoding necessary to achieve quantum breakthroughs with these tools:

1: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) 
2: Hypnosis
3: Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
4: T.I.M.E. Techniques
5: Embodiment Coaching

You'll receive the tools included in this journey and will have the option to complete graduation requirements to certify. Certification in each of these areas will give you the ability to create massive change for your clients and for yourself. 

Forget everything you think you know about coaching and these modalities. We have completely deconstructed and recoded all of them so they are the most pure and potent for both your transformation and the transformation of those you serve!

Join a sisterhood of spiritual visionaries and entrepreneurs for sacred space-holding, support, and embodiment.

We know what it’s like to invest in a high-level program and not feel safe in expressing your deepest truths.

You deserve a space where you can be completely supported, seen, and held as you make quantum leaps in your life, work through and release trauma, and step into a new identity.

We’ve seen how inadequate the coaching-factories and certification-mills are for creating quantum results.

You deserve more than surface-level training. You’re worthy of experiencing transformation so you can lead with integrity and the wisdom of having walked the path.

This Aquarian Age Mystery School is so much more than the typical mastermind, certification, or training program.

This is a healing experience where you’ll be stripping away layers of old conditioning and subconscious programming.

So you can learn to ask for support, receive help, be uncomfortable in a safe environment, sit in your own pain, AND fully experience profound pleasure.

You’ll learn to befriend your grief, step toward your sensuality, and celebrate your ecstasy and bliss - as you build a solid business foundation.

This is a certification in powerful healing modalities, a training in soulful business strategy, and an experience of deep sisterhood and community.

You’ll learn to feel, maybe for the first time, that your nervous system is calm enough for you to know what you want, what you want to create, and who you want to be.

That’s the promise of this program.

AETHERIA is a Certification, a Mystery School and also so much more. It is a community of visionary women who learn, grow, dance and play together and lead side-by-side.

We’re building intentional lives, communities, and businesses outside of the matrix. Instead of fighting the way things have always been, we, along with our amazing community, are ushering in the Aquarian Age.

paradigm shifters who are self-funded, self-sourced and truly sovereign so we can truly alter the fabric of this world and all dimensions for the highest good.

shedding the hustle and alpha shells to find a more surrendered, gentle and embodied way of leading and loving.

sharing our medicine, creating potent offerings and art and truly serving humanity in devotion to liberation. 

creating sustainable villages where every aspect of life - from the way we eat to the way we interact in neighborhoods - is about intentionally cultivating energy that respects nature, honors our bodies and raises the frequency of the planet.


We live in a world full of limitless opportunity. The only limitation we have is the belief that we are limited and any scarcity we experience is a result of being separated from love. 

We desire to help you receive all that is your birthright: deeper intimacy, a community where you are safe in your full expression, boundless wealth, joy and pleasure.

The journeys we offer are the foundational tools that will help you become the force that alters your own destiny and the destiny of all the starseeds you desire to serve.

We are channeling and holding the vision that this is the portal to becoming your most powerful and loving self yet.

We are so honored about the potential of being part of your journey and so grateful for all the women inside of our sisterhood. Our community is constantly growing to welcome in even more leaders, sisters and friends. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. Sending so much love and blessings.

Lindsey, Aria + Team Aetheria

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This program is now closed for 2022

Want to be a part of creating a new level of alignment and integrity in your industry and want to change your life in the process.
Have been in business for a while now . . . but you’re still struggling with confidence and consistent growth and need to go deeper into your own healing to get transformative results for your clients
Are happy to invest in yourself and your business, knowing that the time, energy, and finances you put in will lead to rapid growth and expansion.
Are open and ready for the abundance of possibilities and opportunities that come to you when you recode your subconscious and master tools that help others do the same . . . and you’re excited to both do the work and experience the rewards for your life and business.
Looking for a “magic fix” for your struggles, and you don’t have the time, energy, or willingness to do the work necessary over the course of the program (and beyond) to make quantum leaps in your life and business. 
Not up to confronting your deepest-level shit or embracing the challenge of creating the prosperous life and profitable business you’ve been dreaming of.
The kind of person who regularly starts courses and programs but never fully shows up, participates, or implements what you learn.
Not interested in mastering NLP, EFT, hypnosis, and other modalities for achieving transformative results for yourself and for your clients
Not at all — this program was designed for any spiritual entrepreneur who wants to work on a deeper level with their clients to get transformative results and be the very best at what they do.
Honestly, we aren't coaches. We're priestesses in service of source with medicine for the planet.
This program is for coaches, yogis, and healers . . . but also virtually any other kind of spiritual service-based business owner (think designers, photographers, brand strategists, stylists, marketers, educators, copywriters, and so much more).
If you want to uplevel your business and heal yourself in the process — the work you’ll do as part of this Mystery School will guide you!
Yes — over the course of the program we'll personally guide you through live group sessions, group coaching calls, and training sessions.

You’ll also have access to the Creatrix private community for the length of this year long program. You’ll connect with and find support from your Certification sisterhood in this online group.
You’ll have access to the practitioner vault content & business mystery school content for as long as the program exists, so you can refer back to them any time you’d like. 

You'll also have access to technique mastery calls and our practitioner private community ongoing. 

The Aetheria Practitioner Certification is designed to be comprehensive, leading you through: 

self-healing and coaching
live training and certifications, and
practical business strategies.

This unique combination means you’ll fully experience practicing the work and receiving coaching yourself before you go out into the world with your own offers — allowing you to show up with authenticity and confidence. 

The benefits also extend far beyond your business, allowing you to meet the people in your life - your partner, children, friends, and colleagues - on a deeper, more connected level.  

In addition, unlike many other certifications, this program is not self-guided. You’ll have an experienced guide and a nurturing community of spiritual entrepreneurs on a similar path supporting you the entire way.

You’ll also have access to our private community for the length of this year long program. You’ll connect with and find support from your sisterhood in this online group.

Email us at and we will send you a link to schedule a call with us or ask any questions you may have. We'd love to support you in exploring whether this program is a good fit for you! <3