We created our programs with the missing links to permanent change and transformation because we want every single woman who invests in our programs to not just meet their goals but exceed them, every single time.

Unfortunately, we’ve found that most people are seeking structure and strategy without soul and then are disillusioned and disappointed with their results.

Supporting powerful leaders in learning how to connect with their intuition, fully trust themselves & become the version of themselves who can hold the wealth and impact they desire.

We specialize in Self-Sourcing

Holistic Coaching Certification

Become a sought-after master of your craft, guide clients to miracle-style results, and confidently sell out your premium coaching or services

Aquarian Age Business Codes

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What our clients are saying about our work together 

I've doubled my monthly income twice & opened to my dream partnership. My body has never been so energized and so full of pleasure.

Our work together has facilitated me being able to dive all the way down into my soul, pull out my identity as the person who creates the life she wants to lives, and do exactly that. I’ve hosted my first retreats, coaching courses and I’m moving out of full time employment. I’m confident, self-trusting, full of presence and love for myself, and I’m living exactly how I want to live. I feel like all of me, all the time.

 — Sarah, Sacred Journeys & Consciousness Coaching

I have been blown away by the depth of these teachings. Aetheria is a school for the next visionary leaders of the world. 

 — Lilly, Empowerment Coach & Kambo Practitioner 

Working with Aria & Lindsey has completely changed my life in ways I never knew were available to me. I've cultivated the sisterhood I have always longed for. I've closed multiple chapters of my life and relationships with love, acceptance and gratitude for what was coming next. I wake up feeling happy with myself for the first time in years because I am honoring myself in business, life and relationships. I understand how to alchemize my heavy emotions and enjoy all the aspects of the human experience.

I unearthed my purpose and my legacy. I know who I am now and embody every aspect of that. 

 — Lauren, Photographer turned Authenticity Coach

I was feeling unfulfilled in my business and I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something bigger inside of me. Since working with Aetheria, I integrated all of the subconscious blocks that were stopping me from fully being alive and present. I've am preparing to launch my new business that feels absolutely incredible. My relationships are so much more meaningful and vulnerable. I've healed old hurts and I've been able to move forward in a way that feels honest and in alignment.

The most transformational part of this experience is knowing that no matter what area of my life needs tending to, I have the AETHERIA community to lean on. 

 — Sophia, Holistic Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher

I recommend AETHERIA's offerings because of the holistic nature of their teachings. This is not just about "coaching." It's about being brave and having the courage to take chances, believe in new beliefs, and trust the guidance of very wise and experienced women to lead you to up-leveling every part of your life!

Claim the abundance that is your birthright and allow yourself to truly have everything you desire while also changing the world.